Chapter 25

Ten Fairly Common – and Unsuspected – Frauds

In This Chapter

arrow Seeing how fraud can be committed right under your nose

arrow Trying to spot such frauds

As we note throughout this book, frauds are commonplace in businesses today. Volumes could be written to catalogue the frauds that are perpetrated every year. Fraudsters generally operate in two ways: They gain the trust of others before committing fraud, and/or they use the ignorance of others (such as someone’s unfamiliarity with using the Internet) for their benefit.

In this chapter, we provide ten examples of fraud that are common yet unsuspected: common because they occur frequently or the method used is typically used by many fraudsters; unsuspected because the victims generally do not have any inkling that they are being defrauded. The only way to protect yourself or a client is to know about them, so keep reading!

Doctoring a Résumé

Organizations often overlook pre-employment screenings when hiring employees. That oversight can prove disastrous. Screenings provide valuable information about a prospective employee’s character, integrity, and instances of prior fraud.

casefile_forensic.eps Here’s a high profile example of a very common problem: ...

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