Chapter 16. 3D LINES AND FILLS

What we'll cover in this chapter:

  • Creating points and lines

  • Making shapes

  • Creating 3D fills

  • Modeling 3D solids

  • Moving 3D solids

Chapter 15 presented an introduction to 3D, but took you only as far as positioning objects in a 3D space and figuring out their size and screen position. The objects themselves were actually 2D. It is kind of like those older 3D games where you could walk around an object or a character and it would seem to turn to face you. That object or character was not actually turningbut it appeared that way because it was a 2D object and that's the only view of it you had.

In this chapter, you're going to actually start doing 3D modeling in Flash. In particular, you'll learn about how to create and use ...

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