Chapter 17. New Features of Silverlight 4

New Features of Silverlight 4
  • Mouse wheel Support and right-click handling

  • The Printing API

  • ICommand support

  • RichTextArea

  • Clipboard API

  • Network authentication

  • Improved Data Binding

  • ViewBox

  • Keyboard access in Full-screen mode

  • Google Chrome support

  • Right-to-left support

  • Managed Extensibility Framework

  • Offline DRM

  • Fluid UI support

  • Cross-Domain networking made easier

  • Text trimming

In this book I have thus far covered many new features of Silverlight 4. Some of the features we have covered up until now are the COM API, Out-Of-Browser Experience, and the Webcam API, among others. However, this is just a fraction of the numerous new features of Silverlight ...

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