The table shows 4 columns - Price in dollars per bottle, Quantity demanded in bottles per day by Tina, Tim, and Market. The table contents are as follows.

Price: 2.00

Tina: 0

Tim: 0

Market: 0

Price: 1.50

Tina: 1

Tim: 0

Market: 1

Price: 1.00

Tina: 2

Tim: 1

Market: 3

Price: 0.50

Tina: 3

Tim: 2

Market: 5

The row with price 1.00 is highlighted. On this row, there is a plus sign between Tina's quantity and Tim's quantity, and n equals sign between Tim's quantity and Market quantity.

The 3 line charts show the demand curves of Tina, Tim, and Market.

Chart 1

The line chart shows Quantity on the x-axis and Price on the y-axis. The points in the table are plotted on the chart. A line that connects all the points is labeled "Tina's Demand". The point (2, 1.00) on the line ...

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