The table displays three rows. The first row shows “quantity of labor” as number of workers, and the second row shows “total product” as gallons per hour. The third row shows eight points depicted on the curve, labeled from A to H. Data from the table for the eight points is as follows:

A: 0; 0

B: 1; 1

C: 2; 3

D: 3; 6

E: 4; 8

F: 5; 9

G: 6; 9

H: 7; 8

The line graph shows quantity of labor (workers) on the horizontal axis, ranging from 0 to 9 in increment of 1. It shows total product (gallons per hour) on the vertical axis, ranging from 0 to 10 in increment of 2. A curve starting from the zero point rises steeply on an upward slope, reaches a peak point and then falls down. The points A to H from the table are plotted on the curve at the corresponding coordinates ...

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