The table contents are as follows.

Possibility: A

Fish (pounds): 0

Berries (pounds): 36

Possibility: B

Fish (pounds): 4

Berries (pounds): 35

Possibility: C

Fish (pounds): 7.5

Berries (pounds): 33

Possibility: D

Fish (pounds): 10.5

Berries (pounds): 30

Possibility: E

Fish (pounds): 13

Berries (pounds): 26

Possibility: F

Fish (pounds): 15

Berries (pounds): 21

Possibility: G

Fish (pounds): 16.5

Berries (pounds): 15

Possibility: H

Fish (pounds): 17.5

Berries (pounds): 8

Possibility: I

Fish (pounds): 18

Berries (pounds): 0

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