B Hardware Description Languages

B.1 Introduction

This section briefly reviews the Verilog and VHDL hardware description languages. These are both complex languages and this section is not intended to be a complete guide by any means. Hopefully, these sections can help remind you of some basic syntactic elements of the languages. Section 4.3 and Section 5.3.4 talk about HDL design and synthesis.

B.2 Verilog

The IEEE standard defines Verilog. Books by Thomas and Moorby [Tho98], Smith and Franzon [Smi00], and Ciletti [Cil03] are useful guides to the language.

B.2.1 Syntactic Elements

Verilog has two forms of comments:

   /* this is a      multiline comment */   // this is a comment

Verilog defines the value set [ 0 1 x z ] of signal values. ...

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