E-mail is the central marketing tool of millions of businesses for a reason. You can inexpensively deliver your message to a virtually unlimited number of prospects with little expense, risk, or downside potential. Ignore the naysayers—e-mail works.

For a few dollars per month you could easily be communicating with hundreds, thousands, or more of your prospects and customers virtually on autopilot. E-mail is the ultimate low-cost marketing tool in my opinion. Is it perfect? No, but it's so close that you are nuts not to use it.

I've used e-mail marketing in my own businesses to the point where I have nearly 50 different e-mail lists that are all automatically accepting new subscribers, and automatically greeting those subscribers with the specific content they've requested. After the initial e-mail is delivered, my customers and prospects automatically receive further e-mail communications, each delivered in a preset order, with preset gaps between the messages. I'm also able to send out a general message to some or all of the prospects on one or several of my lists simultaneously at any point I want to. None of this is complicated if you use a good e-mail management tool.

My favorite e-mail management tool is Spending some time studying the free resources on that website is a good way to familiarize yourself with the language and tools used in e-mail marketing. I also have additional links and information about ...

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