Supported Hardware

The following hardware is known to work with FreeBSD.

Disk Controllers (IDE/ATA)

Any generic MFM or RLL (WD1003).

Any generic IDE (WD1007).

ATA controllers.

FreeBSD supports UDMA mode on EIDE controllers that can use it.

Serial ATA (SATA) is supported for RAID controllers made by Adaptec, Dell, MegaRAID, and AMCC.


USB mass storage devices (external hard disks) from most major manufacturers are supported, including Iomega, ADTEC, Logitech, Panasonic, IBM, TEAC, Sony, and others. However, booting from USB devices is likely to be problematic.

Disk Controllers (SCSI)

Note that some SCSI controllers (such as the SoundBlaster SCSI controllers) use a chipset from another manufacturer, such as Adaptec. If you don’t find your ...

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