CHAPTER 1The primacy of values

Values, beliefs and results.

Most people want to be thin. And most people want to be rich.

It’s not like there aren’t new techniques, new recipes or formulas to do either of these things freely available and easily accessible on the internet today. So why don’t we do them? It’s not for lack of a secret technique that we haven’t achieved our greatest desires. Though it is very tempting to think this, which is why each year millions of dollars are spent by people who want to hear that the only reason they haven’t got what they wanted — why they haven’t gotten thin, or haven’t gotten rich — is because they didn’t have the right techniques. There is a persistent and very modern belief that there must be something more complex — a more sophisticated set of actions we could take — that could get us the result that eludes us.

The truth is that creating wealth is really very simple. But it’s really very simple in the way that losing weight is very simple: simple in theory. The steps you need to take are straightforward, but taking those steps is not. And like weight loss, we find it hard to believe that if the steps seem so easy, why haven’t we taken them? Why aren’t we rich?

We have lost the focus we once had on values and the power they can have over our actions, so we think that the reason we don’t succeed must be that there is a secret we are unaware of.

The Okinawans’ secret

The Okinawans of Japan have a culture that results in longevity. They ...

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