Time for action – limiting a user's simultaneous sessions

The default virtual server defined in the sites-enabled/default file has a session section:

#  Session database, used for checking Simultaneous-Use.
#  Either the radutmp or rlm_sql module can handle this.
#  The rlm_sql module is *much* faster
session {
        #  See "Simultaneous Use Checking Queries" in sql.conf
        #  sql

We want a fast system, so we'll use the recommended sql. To use SQL as a session database we also need to use sql for accounting.

  1. Ensure you have a working SQL database configuration as described in Chapter 5.
  2. Edit the sites-enabled/default file, and make the following changes. We will not use SQL as a user store, so comment out sql in the authorize section.
  3. Uncomment sql ...

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