Time for action – using the control-socket and raddebug for troubleshooting

As stated before, the control-socket virtual server is not enabled on Ubuntu and the default install on SUSE and CentOS requires a few adjustments before we can use the control socket with raddebug.


Do the following on CentOS in order for raddebug to be useable:

  1. Confirm that the control-socket virtual server is enabled by checking if it is listed under the sites-enabled directory:
    #> ls /etc/raddb/sites-enabled
  2. Edit the control-socket virtual server file and ensure mode is specified as mode = rw at the bottom of the server section.
  3. Ensure the radiusd user is part of the root group:
    #> /usr/sbin/usermod -a -G root radiusd
  4. Restart FreeRADIUS using the start-up script: ...

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