1Incremental Developments of Processes, Machines and Materials

“When things are arranged so that description through using the senses allows us to easily imagine them, we say that they are well-ordered. Otherwise, we say that they are not well-ordered or confused. As the things which we can easily imagine are more pleasant than the others, Man therefore prefers order to confusion, as though, outside of our imagination, order were something found within Nature”. [SPI 94]

“Knowledge… is not a series of coherent theories converging towards an ideal conception. It is not a gradual march towards the truth. Rather it is an ever-greater ocean of mutually incompatible (and perhaps immeasurable) options. Each singular theory, each fairy tale and each myth being part of this collection, forces the others to a state of greater flexibility. All of this contributes, via this rivalry to the development of our awareness”. [FEY 79]

“Our post-modern societies seem to be characterized by a so-called ‘dual loss’: that of tradition and the certainties of pre-modernity. This is based, on the one hand around respect for the past, and that of the modernity myths anchored within a positive view of the future, and in faith in progress. On the other hand, it is based upon a Promethean concept of Man”. [GUY 14]

“Bergson defined the laugh as the ‘superimposition of the mechanical upon the living’. Likewise we could say of industry that it is the superimposition of machinery upon organic concepts, and ...

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