From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy, 2nd Edition

Book description

Want to supercharge your life? Effective networking is the answer and this book will teach you how.

Professionals of all stripes and ages are told to 'get out there' and network so they can build their careers, grow their businesses and elevate their influence in the community, but they are rarely taught the skills to do that. Most people are lost, intimidated by the idea of presenting their own personal brand, and frustrated when it comes to networking. Despite long hours at events and attempts to make the right connections, they aren't seeing their desired results.

From Business Cards to Business Relationships is a start-to-finish guide that demystifies the networking process and teaches readers how to truly benefit from getting connected. Allison Graham provides an easy to follow road map that is adaptable to your personality, circumstances and growth goals. You will learn how to strategically decide where to go, what to do when you get there and what to do afterwards to turn those casual business card contacts into meaningful relationships. Allison's approach is based on the Four Pillars of Profitable Networking: Perspective, Personal Brand, Procedures, and a Strategic Plan.

This is a prescriptive, practical system based on the author's real-life experience of going from unconnected to connected in a short period of time. No cheesy gimmicks or high-pressure nonsense, just the skills and knowledge that will create success for anyone willing to do the work and follow this advice. Regardless of your past experience or current level of connectivity, your industry or profession, whether you're an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder: you can accomplish whatever you want by meeting and connecting with the right people. From Business Cards to Business Relationships gives you the tools you need to cement a positive personal brand and build your own profitable network.

Praise for From Business Cards to Business Relationships

"Allison Graham can help you turn an introduction into a business, a dinner into a relationship, and an average practice into world class. I've long preached that we're in a relationship business, and this book provides the handshakes, codes, actions, and routes to master those relationships."

—Alan Weiss, PhD, Author of Million Dollar Consulting and The Consulting Bible

"At last—a networking book that actually makes sense! Allison Graham's four pillars of networking are as simple as they are powerful. If you are willing to follow her lead with consistent and persistent effort, you will make your mark and expand your horizons both personally and professionally."

—Lou Heckler, Humorous Business Keynote Speaker and Speech Coach

"This book is an excellent and much-needed resource to share with the business community."

—PJ Hartson, Business Editor, Sun Media

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Preface
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I: The First Pillar of Profitable Networking: Perspective
    1. Chapter 1: The Power of Building a Profitable Network
      1. First Pillar: Perspective
      2. Second Pillar: Personal Brand
      3. Third Pillar: Procedures
      4. Fourth Pillar: Strategic Plan
    2. Chapter 2: What Does Having a Strong Network Mean to You?
    3. Chapter 3: Expectations
    4. Chapter 4: What Networking Is Not
    5. Chapter 5: Understanding Business Networking
    6. Chapter 6: Friendship versus Business Relationships
    7. Chapter 7: Education and Connection
    8. Summary
  8. Part II: The Second Pillar of Profitable Networking: Personal Brand
    1. Chapter 8: The Business of YOU
    2. Chapter 9: Overcoming Age Objections
    3. Chapter 10: You Never Know Who's Watching
    4. Chapter 11: Your Ideal Personal Brand
    5. Chapter 12: Reality Check
    6. Chapter 13: Why It Matters
    7. Chapter 14: Personal Hygiene and Grooming
    8. Chapter 15: Professional Wardrobe
      1. Wardrobe Tips for Women
      2. Wardrobe Tips for Men
    9. Chapter 16: A Smile
    10. Chapter 17: Eye Contact
    11. Chapter 18: Authenticity
    12. Chapter 19: Approachability
    13. Chapter 20: The Tone and Pitch of Your Voice
    14. Chapter 21: Sense of Humor
    15. Chapter 22: Confidence: Part One
    16. Chapter 23: Confidence: Part Two
    17. Chapter 24: Confidence: Part Three
      1. Step 1: Identify Your Value-Added Qualities
      2. Step 2: Identify Your Fears and Confidence Zappers
      3. Step 3: Imagine the Worst-Case Scenario
      4. Step 4: Fix It or Accept It
      5. Step 5: Stop Apologizing
      6. Step 6: Take Your Eyes Off Yourself
      7. Step 7: Make It Happen
    18. Chapter 25: Recovering from Embarrassing Situations
      1. The Rules of Recovery
    19. Chapter 26: Building Your Reputation
    20. Summary
  9. Part III: The Third Pillar of Profitable Networking: Procedures
    1. Chapter 27: The Fundamentals
    2. Chapter 28: Handshakes
      1. The Floppy-Fish Handshake
      2. The Church-Lady Handshake
      3. The Soaker Handshake
      4. The Bone-Crusher Handshake
      5. The Finger-Licker Handshake
      6. Test Your Handshake
      7. Hugs and Kisses
    3. Chapter 29: Name Tags
    4. Chapter 30: Remembering Names
      1. Shift
      2. Listen
      3. Solidify
      4. Think
    5. Chapter 31: Forgetting Names
      1. When You Forget Someone's Name
    6. Chapter 32: Dining Etiquette
      1. Place Settings
      2. Napkins
      3. Using Silverware in North America
      4. Circulating Items
      5. Bread and Butter
      6. Eating Soup
      7. Salad
      8. Conclusion of Meal
      9. General Manners
    7. Chapter 33: Objectives for Attending Events
    8. Chapter 34: Calculating the Return on Investment for Events
    9. Chapter 35: Networking Effectively with Spouses, Friends, and Work Colleagues
    10. Chapter 36: Before an Event
      1. Pre-Event Checklist
    11. Chapter 37: Understanding Event Flow
    12. Chapter 38: Arrival
    13. Chapter 39: Mingling Formula
    14. Chapter 40: Initiating Dialogue
    15. Chapter 41: Small, but Meaningful, Chat
    16. Chapter 42: Listening
    17. Chapter 43: Creating Mini-Bonds
    18. Chapter 44: Exchanging Contact Information
    19. Chapter 45: Moving On
      1. The Verbal Disengage
      2. The Third-Party Introduction
      3. The “Gotta-Go” Technique
    20. Chapter 46: Breaking into Group Discussions
    21. Chapter 47: Business Cards
    22. Chapter 48: Communicating YOU
    23. Chapter 49: Developing Your Own 5-10-15-Second Communication
      1. Step 1: Your 5-Second Spot
      2. Step 2: Your 10-Second Spot
      3. Step 3: Your 15-Second Spot
    24. Chapter 50: General Business Etiquette
      1. Grammar and Spelling
      2. E-mail
      3. Telephone CoMMunication
      4. Conference Calls
      5. Mobile Devices
      6. Timeliness
      7. Scheduling and Cancelling Appointments
      8. How to Say No without Burning a Bridge
      9. Meetings
      10. Closing the Loop
      11. Showing Appreciation
      12. Alcohol
    25. Summary
  10. Part IV: The Fourth Pillar of Profitable Networking: Strategic Plan
    1. Chapter 51: Now What?
    2. Chapter 52: The Logical First Step
    3. Chapter 53: Electronic Filing System
    4. Chapter 54: Categorizing Contacts
      1. 1. General Contacts
      2. 2. Connectors
      3. 3. Target Market
      4. 4. Clients
      5. 5. Random Names
      6. The Importance of Categorizing Contacts
    5. Chapter 55: Relationship-Development Action Plan
      1. General Contacts
      2. Connectors
      3. Target Market
      4. Random Names
    6. Chapter 56: Following Up
      1. General Contacts and Follow-up
      2. Connectors and Follow-up
      3. Target Market and Follow-Up
    7. Chapter 57: Transitioning from Social to Business
    8. Chapter 58: Maintaining Relationships
    9. Chapter 59: Tapping into Your Network
    10. Chapter 60: Staying Visible
    11. Chapter 61: Online Networking
    12. Chapter 62: Accessing the Traditional Media
    13. Chapter 63: Finding Your Focus
      1. Step 1: Define Your Desired Outcome
      2. Step 2: Clarify Your Target Market
      3. Step 3: Identify Your Interests and Dislikes
      4. Step 4: Commit Your Resources
      5. Step 5: Create Your Focus Board
      6. Step 6: Check Your Activities
    14. Chapter 64: Filling Your Calendar
    15. Chapter 65: Analyzing the Options
    16. Chapter 66: Networking Ruts
    17. Summary
  11. Epilogue
  12. Stay Connected with Allison Graham and ElevateBiz
  13. About the Author

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  • Title: From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118364185