Chapter 9

Overcoming Age Objections

An investment advisor in her mid-30s asked me how, as a young professional, she can connect with older, more-established potential clients with money. She joked that you need gray hair to be taken seriously in the financial world. That's not necessarily the case.

Many young professionals I speak with share this sentiment, regardless of their line of work. Using age to avoid building a profitable network means you'll miss amazing opportunities. There is a wealth of wisdom to gain from the seasoned professionals who are anxious to impart their knowledge to up-and-comers. It may take a little extra finesse to relate to people outside your peer group, but it's definitely doable.

Having youth on your side can be a huge asset as you build your professional network. Starting early means you have years to develop and solidify relationships, plus, those who have been around longer appreciate a fresh face.

A professional network with a solid foundation will include people from all ages. It's a natural tendency to associate with people who are similar in age and station in life. These people will likely represent the bulk of your network, but don't be afraid to include interactions with people outside your natural sphere of influence. Expanding your horizons to connect with people from different age groups and walks of life is key to creating a profitable network.

Those who are more senior will offer great insight and perspective concerning life and success. ...

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