From Chaos to Concept

Book description

This book is written for product design, software development, graphic design, and UX professionals with a focus on creating measurably better user experiences.

If you want to design solutions to meet business goals and delight your users, you can look to this resource which covers the following areas: 

  • Creating and documenting goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics
  • Defining or refining personas based on your measurable objectives (OKRs)
  • Creating and iterating on scenarios based your prioritized personas
  • A team approach to defining the product and roadmap to address critical use cases
  • Team based divergent ideation and solution exploration
  • Team based convergent solution definition
  • Wireframing potential solutions for rapid research and iteration
  • Using quantitative and qualitative methods to understand usage and test with users
  • Exploring approaches to taxonomy and information architecture
  • Using psychology and human factors to drive your design decisions
  • Developing performant, accessible, maintainable experiences
  • Using analytics to measure the results and inform the next iteration
  • How this process differs based on the size of the company or team that is employing it

Product information

  • Title: From Chaos to Concept
  • Author(s): Kevin Collamore Braun
  • Release date: July 2020
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119628965