From Day One: Success Secrets for Starting Your Career

Book Description

In FROM DAY ONE, long-time CEO Bill White reveals the key skills that lead to breakthrough success, and helps integrate them into your repertoire as you manage your career for outstanding results. Discover how to identify the best possible first job, first company, first boss... and get them. Walk in at 9 am on your first day, knowing exactly what it takes to succeed. Leverage the experience of world-class executives and benefit from practical tips about everything from "managing your boss" to networking; learn how to make a superb first impression;  set the best priorities for your first day, week, month; uncover unspoken "local knowledge" about success; make the most of feedback; demonstrate potential without overstepping bounds; strengthen crucial skills, from listening to estimating and forecasting. This is practical, realistic advice straight from the "corner office".

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Early Praise for From Day One
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. About the Author
  5. Foreword
  6. Foreword
  7. Introduction
  8. I. What You Need to Know
    1. 1. What Contribution Will You Make?
      1. Managing Your Career from Day One
      2. The Value of Delayed Gratification
      3. Goals, Ambition, and the Greater Good
        1. Welcome to a New World
        2. Success Secrets
    2. 2. Your Personal Philosophy
      1. Your Moral Compass
      2. Ethics and Corporate Culture
      3. Right and Wrong—Evaluating Ethical Scenarios
        1. The Assembly Line Competition
        2. Truth or Consequences
        3. To Promote or Not to Promote
        4. The Customer Is Always Right. . . Or Not
        5. Meet the Parents. . . Or Not
        6. A Good Look in the Mirror
      4. Personal Philosophy and Servant Leadership
        1. Treating Everyone Equally
        2. The Ethical Answers
        3. Success Secrets
  9. II. Finding Your Passion
    1. 3. Your Network: It’s All About “Giving,” Not Just “Getting”
      1. Making the Connection
        1. Networking and the “Knowledge Deficit”
        2. Share What You Know
        3. When Schmoozing Falls Short
      2. Tapping into Your Network
        1. Linking into Your Contacts
      3. Asking for Advice and Creating a Network
        1. Success Secrets
    2. 4. Finding Your Ideal Position
      1. Identifying Your Passions
        1. Opportunities Outside the Box
      2. When Dreams and Expectations Don’t Match Up
        1. Weighing the Choices
        2. Narrowing Down the Choices
        3. Inflection Points
      3. résumés with a Hook—and Bait
        1. At the Interview
      4. Evaluating Multiple Offers
        1. Your First Boss
        2. Corporate Culture
        3. Geographic Location
        4. The Work You Will Be Doing
        5. Compensation
        6. Base Pay
        7. Incentives/Bonuses
        8. Other Incentives
        9. Success Secrets
  10. III. A Successful Start
    1. 5. From Day One
      1. An Extraordinary Career
      2. Your Success Plan from Day One
        1. Your Plan from Day One
        2. Last-Minute Due Diligence
        3. Setting Expectations
        4. Making a Contribution
        5. Be Conscious of Where You Spend Your Time
        6. Who Are Your New Friends?
        7. Your Work Space
        8. The Right Pace
      3. When the First Few Months Are Over
        1. Success Secrets
    2. 6. Is Graduate School Right for You?
      1. Graduate School: Not a “Default Decision”
      2. Examining Your Motivation
        1. Pursuing a Master’s
        2. “Payback” Through Networking
        3. Job Prospects
        4. The Love of Learning
      3. Getting into Graduate School
        1. Success Secrets
    3. 7. Developing Your Career
      1. Moving Vertically by Expanding Horizontally
        1. New Opportunities
      2. Performance Appraisals—More Than Just Paperwork
      3. Welcoming Feedback
        1. Success Secrets
  11. IV. The New Manager
    1. 8. The First-Time Manager
      1. Rookie Mistakes to Avoid
        1. Mistake No. 1—Reluctance to Delegate
        2. Mistake No. 2—Prejudging People’s Productivity
        3. Mistake No. 3—“Saving Souls”
        4. Mistake No. 4—When You Can’t Fix a Problem
        5. Mistake No. 5—Pet Projects That No One Cares About
        6. Mistake No. 6—Moving Too Fast
        7. Making Decisions
      2. Your Management Style
        1. Meeting Your Team
        2. Asking for Advice from and Dealing with Older Workers
      3. Managing Your Boss
      4. Personal Selling and Negotiating
        1. Creating a Positive Environment
        2. Success Secrets
    2. 9. Building Your Team
      1. Selecting People for Your Team
        1. Bringing “Your” Team Onboard
        2. Interviewing Skills
      2. Delivering Feedback
        1. Positive Firing
        2. Creating the Motivated Team
        3. Organization as a Tool
        4. Rewarding Superstars
        5. Success Secrets
  12. V. Success Habits For A Lifetime
    1. 10. The Successful Life
      1. The Sources of Your Success
      2. Enduring Success
        1. “Smile More Than Anyone Else”
        2. Early Lessons from a First Mentor
        3. “Help Your Rivals”
      3. Disappointments and Missed Opportunities
      4. Giving Back
        1. Success Secrets
    2. Your Toolbox for Success
      1. Fundamental Habits for Success
        1. Reading: You Are What You Read
        2. Writing: The Power of the Written Word
        3. Speaking: Mastering the Spoken Word
        4. Listening: A (Nearly) Lost Art
        5. Prioritizing: Managing Your Time Wisely
        6. Estimating: Is It $2 Million, $20 Million, or $200 Million?
        7. Forecasting: What’s Your Prediction?
      2. Your Emotional Habits for Success
        1. Controlling Your Emotions
      3. End Notes

Product Information

  • Title: From Day One: Success Secrets for Starting Your Career
  • Author(s): William J. White
  • Release date: November 2005
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780132206860