5The Informational Interpretation of Living Things

5.1. Introduction

The deployment of life on Earth is seen as a process based on considerable sets of informational flows, generated by the elements and endowed with precise characteristics, and exercised in multiple geographical areas. This process is a new and very important application of the organizational law that produced space, stars and planets; it is an organizational bifurcation of this law. The Earth is composed of different geographical and climatic zones, and life has developed in an adapted way, generating numerous species. We will put forward that there is a strong relationship between the development of living organisms and the geographical areas where this has happened, with plants and animal species forming coherent groups that are subject to specific informational envelopes.

The creation of new living organisms follows the rules of the organizational law, which allows the realization of this very complex organization of autonomous elements on Earth. All the material elements of the Universe are based on atoms, and atoms are quantum elements, which are the basic information fields in the Universe. Molecular elements are structures of quantum fields and can be considered as stable structures of information fields. All the elements with mass are structures of information fields with an informational envelope to stabilize them and make them communicate, so that the organizations and the evolutions continue.

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