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Fundamentals of Adobe Premiere Elements 7

Video Description

Emmy-Award winning editor, Tim Kolb, will help you get the most out of your Adobe® Premiere® Elements 7 software. Whether you're a video enthusiast or a parent with a camera, you'll learn how to edit and deliver your home movies.

Customer Review: Class on Demand has done a good job on this tutorial. As a new Adobe Premiere Elements owner and a refugee from the IMovie/ Moviemaker world, I've found this DVD to be invaluable for figuring out the inner workings of my new software. I originally thought that I wouldn't need training, that everything would be intuitive and easy to understand. But there are some things that you just need a DVD for. Adobe Elements is a visual program. Books are OK for some things, but not an editing program. You need to SEE whats happening with motion. DVD's are great for learning the keyboard shortcuts, what each application does, what the Video effect looks like, etc. This DVD is very entertaining and fun to watch. Tim Kolb has a good sense of humor and does a great job pointing out the features of this program. I've found countless "Oh, that's how you do it!" tips so far, from the mundane "How do you right-click?" to the expert "Here's how the pro's make the movies look so good.." He covers it all--and I mean ALL. I can't recommend this DVD highly enough, especially for new Elements users and those of us switching from entry level editng programs. I'm pretty acomplished as a power home user, and even I needed this to get me going. There are so very many tips and tricks that you will learn--things that make sense and which enhance your experience with this well-crafted Training program. Every penny spent on this DVD will have been well worth it. --Ben Sanderson, New York TechnoGeeks