Figures, Tables, and Exhibits


Figure 1.1 National Health Expenditures, 1960–2010 (in billions of dollars)

Figure 4.1 Medicare Expenditures and Enrollees, 1967–2010

Figure 4.2 Medicaid Expenditures and Enrollees, 1972–2009

Figure 4.3 Death Rate per 100,000 Resident Population Aged Sixty-Five to Seventy-Four

Figure 4.4 Medicaid Recipients by Category, 1972–2009

Figure 4.5 Medicaid Recipients and Payments by Category, 2009

Figure 4.6 Median Hospital Operating Margins and Net Margins, 2001–2013

Figure 4.7 Managed Care in the United States, 1976–2008

Figure 5.1 The Hospital Revenue Cycle

Figure 10.1 IT Spending by Industry Vertical Markets – Worldwide (in billions of dollars)

Figure 10.2 Potential IT Spending in Health Care

Figure 10.3 ...

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