Appendix D. SSCP® Practice Exam

SSCP® Practice Exam
  1. When an administrator provisions a new account, what is a typical step?

    1. Creation of an e-mail account

    2. Auditing of passwords

    3. Assignment of rights

    4. Resetting password

  2. In biometric systems, false acceptance rate (FAR) is also known as:

    1. False positive rate (FPR)

    2. False rejection rate (FRR)

    3. Cross-over error rate (CER)

    4. True positive rate (TPR)

  3. Which concept of access control is used to set up privileges such that no one person should be able to execute a critical task, and the likelihood of abuse of the system is minimized?

    1. Process control

    2. Least privilege

    3. Separation of duties

    4. Change management

  4. Disabling write or modify permissions to ...

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