1 Managers and Management in Today’s Workplace

A photo shows a person holding up a board with the words, Only those who want to be managers need to take a course in management.


Learning Outcomes

  1. 1-1 Tell who managers are and where they work.

  2. 1-2 Define management.

  3. 1-3 Describe what managers do.

  4. 1-4 Explain why it’s important to study management.

  5. 1-5 Describe the factors that are reshaping and redefining management.

  6. 1-6 Describe the key employability skills gained from studying management that are applicable to your future career, regardless of your major.

Management Myth

Anyone who works in an organization —not just managers— can gain insight into how organizations work and the behaviors of their boss and coworkers by taking a course in management. ...

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