4Fundamentals of Statistical Concepts and Techniques in Quality Control and Improvement

  1. 4-1 Introduction and chapter objectives
  2. 4-2 Population and sample
  3. 4-3 Parameter and statistic
  4. 4-4 Probability
  5. 4-5 Descriptive statistics: describing product or process characteristics
  6. 4-6 Probability distributions
  7. 4-7 Inferential statistics: drawing conclusions on product and process quality
  8. Summary
  9. Appendix: Approximations to some probability distributions
P(A)μimgsnXiNT(α)σs2σ2Rγ1γ2rMsmp(x) Probability of event APopulation mean of a quality characteristicSample averageSample standard deviationSample sizeith observation in a samplePopulation sizeα % trimmed meanPopulation standard deviationSample variancePopulation varianceRangeSkewness coefficientKurtosis coefficientSample correlation coefficientSample medianStandard deviation of the sample medianProbability distribution (or mass function) for a discrete random variable f(x)F(x)E(X)ZpλλγαβΓ(u)1 − α Probability density function for a continuous random variableCumulative distribution functionExpected value or mean of a random variable XStandard normal random variableProbability of success on a trial in a binomial experimentMean of a Poisson random variableFailure rate for an exponential distributionLocation parameter for a Weibull distributionScale parameter for a Weibull distributionShape parameter for a Weibull distribution ...

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