7Control Charts for Variables

  1. 7-1 Introduction and chapter objectives
  2. 7-2 Selection of characteristics for investigation
  3. 7-3 Preliminary decisions
  4. 7-4 Control charts for the mean and range
  5. 7-5 Control charts for the mean and standard deviation
  6. 7-6 Control charts for individual units
  7. 7-7 Control charts for short production runs
  8. 7-8 Other control charts
  9. 7-9 Risk-adjusted control charts
  10. 7-10 Multivariate control charts
  11. Summary
μ Process (or population) mean ki Standardized value for range of sample number i
σ Process (or population) standard deviation σ0 Target or standard value of process standard deviation
img Estimate of process standard deviation img Standard deviation of the sample mean
img Sample average
R Sample range Sm Cumulative sum at sample number m
s Sample standard deviation w Span, or width, in calculation of moving average
n Sample or subgroup size
Xi ith observation img Mean of sample means
W Relative range img Mean of sample ranges
g Number of ...

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