9Process Capability Analysis

  1. 9-1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives
  2. 9-2 Specification Limits and Control Limits
  3. 9-3 Process Capability Analysis
  4. 9-4 Natural Tolerance Limits
  5. 9-5 Specifications and Process Capability
  6. 9-6 Process Capability Indices
  7. 9-7 Process capability analysis procedures
  8. 9-8 Capability analysis for Nonnormal Distributions
  9. 9-9 Setting Tolerances on Assemblies and Components
  10. 9-10 Estimating statistical tolerance limits of a process
  11. Summary
imgσimgimgRsmkZXinFi Process meanProcess standard deviationStandard deviation of sample meanSample meanSample rangeSample standard deviationTarget value of characteristicScaled distance of process mean from target valueStandard normal valueIndividual (ith) observationSample sizeProbability plotting position of ith ranked observation imgimggimgσYμYγ1 − α Average of sample rangesAverage of sample standard deviationsNumber of samples

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