Chapter 1

1 Nomadicity implies the ability to connect to the network from different locations via different base stations; mobility implies the ability to keep ongoing connections active while moving at vehicular speeds.

2 The CPE is referred to as a subscriber station (SS) in fixed WiMAX.

3 This typically translates to only around 20Mbps to 25Mbps layer 2 peak throughput owing to CSMA overhead.

Chapter 2

1 Although designated as mobile WiMAX, it is designed for fixed, nomadic, and mobile usage scenarios.

2 Initial WiMAX profiles do not include 20MHz support; 74Mbps is combined uplink/downlink PHY throughput.

3 Delay spread is discussed in Chapter 3.

4 FFT (fast Fourier transform) is a computationally efficient way of computing DFT (discrete ...

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