Epilogue – Vin's Reflections

A FEW MONTHS after our Future Proofing You experiment ended, I asked Vin to write a few words about the experience of earning his first million dollars. The following are his thoughts:

I went into this thinking it would be totally impossible, but even if I failed, I'd get a chance to learn from Jay so it would be a win–win. But at the same time, I didn't want to be one of those people who goes to America and it doesn't work out as I didn't try hard enough, or apply myself correctly. I do like the idea that someone might read this and see it's possible for them, too. Many of the top business talking heads were helped massively by their parents when starting out, went to a top university, or had a great network. My parents had little money, we grew up on housing estates, and I myself was on social welfare just before I started my entrepreneurial journey. And then I came to America and had no real contacts, and it was like starting from zero, but I felt I had something to prove.

The key is to say yes and do what they say when you're working with an (experienced) mentor/coach (even if you don't agree with them). They have been there and done it, and this served me well. A couple of times I did not follow Jay's advice and learned some painful lessons I will never forget, and I do not wish that to happen again.

One of my main takeaways has been the freedom that what I achieved gave me. When you're under pressure to make enough money to pay bills and survive, ...

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