Chapter 5

Getting Started with Docs


check Taking a good look around Docs

check Creating, saving, opening, and other document chores

check Navigating, selecting, deleting, and other editing basics

check Searching and replacing text

check Making sure your spelling and grammar pass muster

Google Docs is the G Suite app for word processing. Wait a minute: word processing. Ugh. Personally, I've never liked the term. It sounds so cold and so, well, computer-like. I mean, processing words? What the heck does that mean? The bank processes checks, the Internal Revenue Service processes tax returns. Who processes words? We write them, play with them, misuse them, misspell them, forget them; but process them? No.

But the computer geeks of the world decided long ago that that's what digital writing should be called, so it looks like we're stuck with it. Okay, but what is “it,” exactly? Well, in watch-their-eyes-glaze-over terms, word processing is using a computer to write, edit, format, and print documents. ...

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