Chapter 12

Collaborating with Calendar


check Inviting colleagues to an event

check Coordinating schedules

check Letting other people see your calendar

check Subscribing to calendars that other people have shared

check Importing and exporting events

In these “whatever-comes-after-busy” days, a common comedic trope is for two people to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to coordinate their schedules to come up with a time for some simple activity, such as having coffee. “No, Monday's no good. How about Tuesday morning at 5:30?” “That doesn't work for me, but I could do Wednesday afternoon at 3:47.” A popular cartoon from The New Yorker shows a busy executive on the phone, pointing to his calendar and saying “No, Thursday's out. How about never — is never good for you?”

Never getting together with anyone would certainly simplify everyone’s lives, but the extraverts of the world simply won't allow it. So, if we must both meet and greet, the least we can do is make the scheduling part faster ...

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