Chapter 13

Setting Up Video Meetings


check Learning what you need to know in order to use Google Meet

check Setting up a video meeting of your own

check Joining someone else's video meeting

check Fiddling with video meeting features and settings

check Presenting your screen

A very long time ago, most people worked in the place where they lived. Farmers had their fields and livestock right outside the door, and tradespeople of all descriptions had their tools inside the house. Home was work and work was home, and separating the two would never have occurred to most people. All that changed when the Industrial Revolution came rumbling along. Its muscular machinery mass-produced goods formerly crafted by hand, and the great bulk of its hulking factories and warehouses required huge tracts of land outside of cities and towns. The world's butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers had no choice but to leave their homes to ply their trades (or, more likely, some repetitive and soul-destroying subset of ...

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