Chapter 15

Collaborating with Groups


check Checking out Google Groups for yourself

check Understanding group roles

check Joining groups that will have you as a member

check Posting and replying to group messages

check Creating your own groups for fun and (no) profit

Workers in the modern world are almost always part of some larger collective. The word most often used these days for such a collective is a team, but employees can also be part of a department, a section, a unit, a task force, a committee, or even a crew. Whatever moniker they use, they're all groups of employees who are connected in some way.

That connection is crucial because it means that these collections of employees are working on a common cause, such as a project or product. In short, the employees in a collection need to collaborate with each other, and that collaboration is where Google Groups comes in. When you add employees to a group, a whole new world of collaborative tools becomes available. In this chapter, you explore ...

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