Chapter 13. Transferring Music, Videos, Pictures, and Other Files, and Using Group Play

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You’ll learn to:

  • Transfer files to your PC or Mac

  • Use the S5’s My Files app

  • Beam files and use WiFi to transfer them

  • Use Group Play to share screens and files, and to play games

YOUR GALAXY S5 IS not an island—it’s built to work with your computer as well. So if you’ve got a music collection on your PC, for example, you can copy that collection to your phone and listen to music there. You can also transfer pictures and videos between your S5 and PC or Mac. In fact, you can transfer any file between your S5 and your computer.

When you transfer files between your Galaxy S5 and your computer, the S5 looks to your computer just like a USB storage device, and in many ways you transfer files the same way as you do between your computer and any USB device. In fact, you have a few more options, including WiFi and some nifty sharing features built into the S5. This chapter covers them all. You can even beam files back and forth with other S5 owners—like magic!

Another sharing option on the S5 is Group Play—a Samsung innovation that lets you share files by WiFi with nearby Galaxy phone fans. You can even use Group Play to…well, play group games by WiFi.

Connecting Your Galaxy S5 to Your Computer

TO TRANSFER FILES BETWEEN your Galaxy S5 and your computer, first connect your S5 to your Mac or PC by ...

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