Chapter 12. Gmail and Email

You want email? You’ve got email. Your Galaxy Tab does a great job of handling whatever email task you throw at it. Want to send and receive attachments like pictures; Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files; and PDFs? Your Tab can do that. How about working with just about any email service out there? It can do that, too. You can also manage your mail, sync your mail, and plenty more, right on your Tab. It’s a great way to have your email always at hand.

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This chapter shows you how to get the most out of email on your Tab.

Understanding Email on Your Tablet

Your Galaxy Tab runs on Google’s Android operating system, so it comes as no surprise that its main built-in email app is for Gmail. You don’t have to use Gmail if you don’t want to, though; you can use your current email service instead. Or you can use both.

Gmail on the Tab works a bit differently from other email services, so this chapter covers both methods.

Setting Up Gmail

Android is built from the ground up to integrate with Google services—search, Google Maps, Gmail, Picasa, and plenty more. If you already have a Gmail account, then when you set up your Tab, you tie into that account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you first need to set one up.


When you first bring your Galaxy Tab home, you may already be set up to use Gmail. Sometimes sales staff at retail stores or service providers set up your ...

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