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Game-Based Society: Mobile Games Beyond The Small Screen

Video Description

Since the advent of the contemporary smartphone and the debut of the mobile app store in 2008, mobile has been the hottest sector in the game industry. Successful mobile games now generate millions of dollars of revenue per day. We are now about to enter a new phase of mobile gaming in which the gameplay extends beyond the phone itself to the world around us. Get ready for gaming everywhere, when next-generation mobile phones connect to smart devices, smart appliances, smart cars and smart cities, linking the entire city scape with an invisible layer of data that will serve as a canvas for massive metagames. For game designers and game-based marketing experts, this is nirvana. For the players, it could be transformative: we'll literally live the game. This talk will examine the trajectory of technologies and game formats that brought us to this point, and will explore the possibilities that lie ahead. Robert Tercek General Creativity, President/Founder, Creative Visions Foundation