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Game On! Wearable Fitness Tech Pumps Up Employee Health

Video Description

There's no denying it: Wearable technology - from super-smart glasses and watches, to health and fitness devices, and more - isn't just a trend anymore. It's here to stay, and one of the biggest players in the space are activity tracking devices. These tiny devices make it easy for people to keep timely tabs on their well-being by tracking exercise, diet and overall health and fitness levels. No longer reserved for the tech-nerds and workout warriors, more companies are adding wearable fitness tech to their wellness strategy, offering up free devices to employees. This powerful technology not only gets employees engaged in their company's health and wellness programs, but also has the ability to drive major behavior change for the long haul. With the number of personal health and wellness products sold in 2013 hitting 40 million, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, now's the time to leverage them in your approach to employee health and wellness. In this session, Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce offers up the secret sauce on the connection behind fitness tracking devices, motivation, and sustainable healthy habits, using examples from Virgin Pulse clients. He'll provide examples on how activity tracking devices have a major impact on employees' healthy habits and motivation, revealing the research and science behind how to leverage them in sustaining healthy behaviors. He'll share why using wearable fitness devices with wellness programs helps employers engage employees and support healthy behavior changes that drive bottom line benefits. Christopher Boyce CEO, Virgin Pulse