♦ CHAPTER SEVEN ♦SuperpowersThe corporation acquires nine powerful attributes (1860-1900)

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, we human beings are stuck with the attributes that nature gave us. That doesn’t mean we can’t imagine new ones—after all, isn’t that what comic books are all about? Consider the following top ten items from a Web site entitled “The Top 47 Super Powers You Wish You Had” (www.keepersoflists.org):

  1. X-ray vision
  2. Invisibility
  3. Telepathy
  4. Ability to mute people on command
  5. Ability to teleport
  6. Power to freeze time
  7. Ability to fly
  8. Superstrength
  9. Ability to change the weather
  10. Power to make telemarketers quit calling my house

But corporations aren’t like us. Because their powers are determined by laws, not by nature, it is possible to engineer ...

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