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GarageBand CSi Starter, 1st Edition

Video Description

This amazing audio creation tool incorporates more than two hours of movie tutorials and gives users everything they need to create their own music, edit it, and export it to share with the world. GarageBand CSi Starter is the ideal tool to help beginners get up and running quickly. Users can sit back and watch a DAW pro show the ins and outs and then switch over to GarageBand and try it for themselves. Quizzing features will test their skills along the way! GarageBand CSi Starter is a training CD-ROM that goes through a basic production from start to finish and shows new users an easy way to get down to the business of producing a song. For those that prefer an interactive style of learning, this CSi is the right product. A few of the many tutorials include: Audio/MIDI configuration, New/Save/Save As/Open Sessions, importing audio/MIDI, overdubbing, Apple Loops, adding virtual instruments, getting a basic mix, inserting plug-ins, bounce to disc, and burning a CD. The new CSi Starter series of CD-ROMs utilizes the CSi Movie Tutorial interface to provide an easy to use and intuitive learning environment. The new CSi MT interface includes a title bar that can easily be positioned on the user's screen. Users can smoothly switch between their DAW and CSi tutorials if they have more than one monitor. CSi is a non-linear environment.

Table of Contents

  1. Product Mission & Intro 00:02:52
  2. Audio and MIDI Setup 00:03:25
  3. Opening Songs 00:05:14
  4. Apple Loops 00:04:59
  5. Tracks Overview 00:09:52
  6. Track Mixer 00:05:22
  7. Saving Songs 00:06:39
  8. Importing Audio 00:09:37
  9. Recording Audio 00:08:42
  10. Recording MIDI 00:07:32
  11. Overdubbing 00:05:29
  12. Tools Overview 00:09:44
  13. Editing Audio 00:06:06
  14. Editing MIDI 00:07:30
  15. Editing Presets 00:06:16
  16. Transposing 00:06:33
  17. Basic Blend 00:05:51
  18. Adding Effects 00:06:44
  19. Master Effects 00:07:42
  20. Save Effects 00:03:37
  21. Volume Automation 00:05:25
  22. Exporting Songs 00:08:35
  23. Burning CDs 00:05:56
  24. Creating MP3s 00:05:29
  25. Backing Up 00:05:40