Beth Bibus is a long-time advocate of equality and civil rights who worked in
civil rights enforcement for more than a decade. Short but erce, Bibus dedi-
cated many hours in the early 1990s to volunteering with the Queer Street Patrol
in Minneapolis. Bibus is currently a management consultant with the State of
Minnesota, providing research, writing, advice, and project management for a
variety of government clients.She earned a master’s degree in public administra-
tion from Hamline University in St. Paul. Bibus and her (now) spouse Anne took
immediate advantage of Minnesota’s marriage equality law, and she is grateful to
the many dedicated LGBT people and allies who made marriage equality possible
in Minnesota.
Denise Burke is a trans-activist and former pastor.She is a graduate of the State
University of New York–Albany and Bangor eological Seminary in Bangor,
Maine, and plans to return to active ministry in the Metropolitan Community
Churches, a denomination noted as a spiritual home for LGBT people. Burke also
contributes to LGBT lm screenings through the Out Twin Cities Film Festival
and plans to start lming a project soon. She is currently writing a memoir of
transition and addiction recovery titled To Know the DierenceA Transwoman
Discovers the Serenity Prayer.She has lived in numerous places, from the Virgin
Islands to Fairbanks, Alaska, and now resides in the Minneapolis area.
Minnesota Senator Scott Dibble rst became involved in politics in the
mid-1980s,working on issues concerning the civil rights of LGBT communi-
ties, including HIV/AIDS. His involvement led to organizing on issues of
social and economic justiceespecially in the areas of neighborhood livabil-
ity, transportation, housing, energy, and the environment. After working for
a Minneapolis City Council member, Dibble ran for a seat in the Minnesota
House of Representatives, becoming the third openly gay legislator to serve in
the Minnesota Legislature. After serving one term in the House, Dibble ran for
State Senate in 2002 where he is now serving in his fourth term. He chairs the
Transportation and Public Safety Committee and serves on the Environment

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