GDPR Privacy Data Protection Case Studies Explained!

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Step-by-step examples on how a privacy professional should approach GDPR case studies

About This Video

  • This course will save you thousands of dollars in consultancy by teaching you how to THINK!
  • This is your most important asset, and you will stand out from the crowd who just knows theory.

In Detail

Are you interested in data privacy but don’t know how to apply all the concepts you’ve already learned about? In this course, you’ll learn how to think like a real privacy professional no matter what your company is doing or how big it is. We’ll analyze SMEs and big multinationals, especially U.S.-based ones in fiction examples. You’ll learn how to start as a privacy programmer, what to ask, who to ask, and in what order. You’ll know how to look for compliance issues and what needs attention from your side. You’ll see how Data Privacy Officers (DPOs) perform their jobs and most importantly what they’re looking for when assuring management commitment.

Would you like to get a job in data privacy but you don’t know how to reply to real-life scenario questions at the interview? You’ll get prepared with this guide. If you’re interested in questions related to IAPP exams, CIPP/E, CIPM, and CIPT, section 3 gives you different questions and exam scenarios, and most importantly it offers you exact explanations. Thinking about the questions correctly will have a real impact on you passing or failing the exams. This course covers all the fundamentals of GDPR and teaches you everything you need to know to think like a real privacy professional, no matter what your company is doing or how big it is.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at:

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. What you will learn from this course! 00:03:29
    2. Mandatory and Voluntary DPO 00:04:25
    3. International Transfers with examples 00:08:51
    4. How do we make a restricted transfer in accordance with GDPR – adequacy decision 00:06:04
    5. Safeguards 00:11:43
    6. Exceptions 00:15:05
    7. Controllers & GDPR DPOs not in the EU (LSAs examples) 00:07:02
    8. Representatives vs DPOs 00:10:31
  2. Chapter 2 : From Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) to Multinational examples
    1. EU SME - Business details, DPO, insourcing vs outsourcing 00:08:01
    2. EU SME - Assessing GDPR Compliance step by step 00:07:38
    3. EU SME - Compliance, Technical Assessment and Privacy by Design 00:07:49
    4. EU SME - Data Transfers 00:05:40
    5. US Multinational - Business details, DPO, insourcing vs outsourcing 00:06:40
    6. US Multinational - Assessing GDPR Compliance step by step 00:09:47
    7. US Multinational - Compliance with other Obligations 00:03:18
    8. US Multinational - Technical Assessments and Data Breach 00:11:01
    9. US Multinational - Data Transfers 00:05:43
    10. Chrome Browser - GDPR case study 00:07:36
    11. Top concerns for Hotels Online Businesses 00:10:45
    12. A practical Guide for Small Enterprises (SMEs) 00:04:41
    13. How to make a website GDPR compliant 00:04:29
    14. Outsourcing your DPO: Real-Life Scenarios 00:10:01
    15. Legal Response to Data Breaches in the Cloud 00:09:37
    16. Consent to Children's Data - is it Legal? 00:09:16
  3. Chapter 3 : GDPR exam questions analysed: CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT by IAPP
    1. CIPP/E scenarios - part 1 00:13:17
    2. CIPP/E scenarios - part 2 00:06:16
    3. CIPP/E scenarios - part 3 00:10:28
    4. CIPM scenarios - part 1 00:06:03
    5. CIPM scenarios - part 2 00:07:37
    6. CIPM scenarios - part 3 00:08:26
    7. CIPT scenarios - part 1 00:04:45
    8. CIPT scenarios - part 2 00:05:29
    9. CIPT scenarios - part 3 00:05:17

Product Information

  • Title: GDPR Privacy Data Protection Case Studies Explained!
  • Author(s): Roland Costea
  • Release date: November 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789957280