Chapter 2

Examining the Ins and Outs of the New Computerized GED Test

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with the keyboard and mouse for the computerized GED test

arrow Checking out the specific types of questions as they appear on the new GED test

The new GED test is offered only on a computer, which means that the test format looks quite different from the old paper version. No longer do you have to fill in little circles or use a pencil or scratchpad. Now everything is paperless, even the scratchpad of previous years has been upgraded to an erasable tablet. Now you enter all your answers into the computer. You use the keyboard to type your essay or the mouse to click on your answer choice.

This chapter provides what you need to know for using the computer to take the GED test and explains the different formats of questions on the GED test. We even throw in a few sample questions to ensure that you understand this important information. Demonstrating how to take a test on a computer with a printed book isn’t easy, but this chapter includes several screenshots of question formats and other images you need to understand to be successful. All you have to do is read and digest it. We can’t promise you a banquet of information, but this chapter is at least a satisfying meal to help you prepare ...

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