Chapter 3

The GED Test’s Four Sections and You

In This Chapter

arrow Examining the Reasoning through Language Arts test

arrow Becoming better acquainted with the Social Studies test

arrow Grappling with the Science test

arrow Taking on the Mathematical Reasoning test

It’s time to start your preparation for the GED test with a look at what to expect on the four sections that comprise the GED exam — Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning. You can take them all at once in one really long and tough day or individually whenever you feel sufficiently prepared. Remember: You don’t have to do all the test sections on the same day. And after you pass a test section, you’re finished with that section forever. You’ll earn your GED diploma whenever you’ve completed and passed all four test sections. In this chapter, we break down what you can expect on each section and help you prepare for answering the different question types. See Chapter 2 for examples of all the different question types and how they appear both on the computerized GED test and in the practice tests ...

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