Chapter 5

Preparing for the Reasoning through Language Arts Test

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with the writing and grammar component of the RLA test

arrow Developing your reading and comprehension skills

arrow Preparing to write an essay

arrow Discovering tactics to help you succeed

The Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) test evaluates your skills in comprehending and applying concepts in grammar and writing. (Grammar is the basic structure of language — you know: subjects, verbs, sentences, fragments, punctuation, and all that.) Most of what you’re tested on (both in writing and grammar) is stuff you’ve picked up over the years, either in school or just by speaking, reading, and observing, but, to help you prepare better for this test, we give you some more skill-building tips in this chapter.

The RLA test is divided into three sections. You start off with a 35-minute question-and-answer section that focuses on writing and reading comprehension, and then you spend 45 minutes writing an Extended Response (the essay). After a 10-minute break, you finish with a 60-minute question-and-answer ...

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