Chapter 6

RLA Question Types and Solving Strategies

In This Chapter

arrow Focusing on key strategies for mastering the RLA writing component

arrow Discovering some test-taking tricks for surviving the RLA reading component

arrow Letting your language skills shine in the Extended Response

The 150-minute Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) test evaluates your ability to write clear and effective English and to read, analyze, and accurately assess and respond to the content of written passages. We go into detail about the RLA test particulars in Chapter 5. In this chapter, we help you navigate through the different question types on the RLA test and how to answer them.

Tackling Items in the Writing Component

Because the GED test is now done on computer, the format of the questions varies, but they’re essentially some variation of multiple-choice, with the occasional fill-in-the-blank item. (See Chapter 2 for samples of how questions appear on the computerized GED.)

In this section, we give you some sample questions based on the following business letter, along with advice on the best way to approach and answer them.

BETA Café Equipment, Inc.700 Millway Avenue, Unit 6Concord, MA 12345

John Charles ...

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