Chapter 7

Working through Some Practice RLA Questions

This chapter provides sample Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) questions, including a sample Extended Response item, to help you prepare for taking that section of the GED test.

Record your answers directly in this book or on a separate sheet of paper, if you think you’ll want to try these practice questions again at a later date. Mark only one answer for each item, unless otherwise indicated. And be sure to have a couple extra sheets of paper handy, or use your computer’s word processor, to practice outlining and writing an Extended Response. Remember that most computer word processors have a spell-checker and grammar-checker but the actual test doesn’t.

At the end of each section, we provide detailed answer explanations for you. Check your answers. Take your time as you move through the explanations. Read them carefully, because they can help you understand why you missed the answers you did and confirm or clarify what you got right.

Remember, this is just preliminary practice. We want you to get used to answering different types of RLA questions. Use the complete practice tests in Parts VI and VII later in the book to time your work and replicate the real test-taking experience.

RLA Writing Skills Practice

The questions in the writing component of the RLA test are doubly important because not only do they give you a chance to practice reading a passage and answering questions based on it, but they also teach you a bit ...

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