Chapter 8

A Graph, a Map, and You: Getting Ready for the Social Studies Test

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with the Social Studies test’s topics and components

arrow Surveying the types of questions and passages on the test

arrow Using strategies to help you achieve the best results

Do you enjoy knowing about how events in the past may help you foretell the future? Do the lives of people in faraway places interest you? Are politics something you care about? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re going to like the Social Studies test! After all, social studies helps you discover how humans relate to their environment and to other people.

The GED Social Studies test assesses your skills in understanding and interpreting concepts and principles in civics, history, geography, and economics. Consider this test as a kind of crash course in where you’ve been, where you are, and how you can continue living there. You can apply the types of skills tested on the Social Studies test to your experience in visual, academic, and workplace situations as a citizen, a consumer, or an employee.

This test includes questions drawn from a variety of written and visual passages taken from academic ...

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