Chapter 9

Social Studies Question Types and Solving Strategies

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with the types of materials on the Social Studies test

arrow Nailing down strategies for answering the different question types

arrow Gearing yourself up for the Extended Response

arrow Staying focused and managing your time while you take the test

The Social Studies test consists of two sections, the question-and-answer items, followed by a separately timed Extended Response (the essay). You have 65 minutes for the first section and then 25 minutes for the essay, and there’s no break between the sections. Having a basic understanding of what’s in these two sections can help you prepare and avoid any surprises when you sit down to the take the test.

The Social Studies test requires you to read a passage or study a visual, analyze the information, evaluate its accuracy, and draw conclusions according to the printed text or visual materials presented. It doesn’t measure your ability to recall information, such as dates, facts, or events. In most cases, you select an answer from four choices. You then choose ...

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