Chapter 12

Science Question Types and Solving Strategies

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a feel for the test format

arrow Figuring out how to tackle the different question types

arrow Managing your time carefully

The Science test is one long 90-minute test. Within the test are two Short Answer items that take about ten minutes each to complete. You’re not limited to ten minutes, but any time you use above that takes away from the time you have to answer the rest of the questions. The Short Answer items require you to write short essays, several paragraphs long. These items begin with a passage (stimulus) followed by a prompt, a short instruction regarding the topic on which you’re to write your short essay.

The Science test shares most of the same features and question formats as the other GED test sections. Although the items are mostly in the traditional multiple-choice format, you’ll also find fill-in the-blank, drop-down, drag-and-drop, and hot-spot question formats. The questions are based on scientific text passages or visual images, including diagrams, graphs, maps, and tables. In this chapter, we explore the different question types and strategies for solving them.

Tackling the Science Test ...

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