Chapter 15

Mathematical Reasoning Question Types and Solving Strategies

In This Chapter

arrow Checking out the different Math test question types and strategies

arrow Getting familiar with the calculator and formula sheet

arrow Doing a little math to help manage your time on the test

The Mathematical Reasoning (Math) test is 115 minutes long. The first five questions are to be done without a calculator and must be attempted before you can continue, and the rest of the items may or may not need a calculator to complete. If you see the calculator icon on the screen, you can use the calculator to solve the problem. Getting a basic understanding of these question formats helps you avoid any surprises when you sit down to the take the test. The Math test presents you with questions from every area of Math. It includes arithmetic calculations, which you have to do without a calculator, to basic algebra, and more. In this chapter, we explain the four formats of questions you encounter on this test and offer advice on how to solve them with ease.

Perfecting Your Approach with Sample Problems

New tests usually require new ways of approaching the questions in them. Although the Mathematical Reasoning test ...

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