Chapter 18

Answers for Practice Test 1, Reasoning through Language Arts

In this chapter, we provide the answers and explanations to every question in the Reasoning through Language Arts practice test in Chapter 17. If you just want a quick look at the answers, check out the abbreviated answer key at the end of this chapter. However, if you have the time, be sure to read the answer explanations. Doing so will help you understand why some answers were correct and others not, especially when the choices were really close. You can discover just as much from your errors as from the correct answers.

Answers and Explanations

  1. B. a center housing social enterprises. The column specifically states that the center houses 85 social enterprises. Choice (A) is totally wrong and can be instantly eliminated on first reading. The other answers have a ring of correctness because the column is about social enterprises, charities, and school leavers, but they have nothing to do with the center and, thus, are wrong.
  2. C. innovative programs. The column states that the Learnxs Foundation supports innovative programs. All the other answers except for Choice (A) are mentioned or implied in the column; however, they aren’t correct answers to the question. You have to read carefully and double-check the facts. Just because something is mentioned or is familiar doesn’t mean it’s the right answer to the question.
  3. distributing discarded materials to visual arts classes. The passage clearly spells out that ...

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