Chapter 22

Answers for Practice Test 1, Science

In this chapter, we provide the answers and explanations to every question in the Science practice test in Chapter 21. If you just want a quick look at the answers, check out the abbreviated answer key at the end of this chapter. However, if you have the time, it’s more useful for study purposes to read all the answer explanations carefully. Doing so will help you understand why some answers were correct and others not, especially when the choices were really close. It will also point you at areas where you may need to do more review. Remember, you learn as much from your errors as from the correct answers.

Go through the explanations to all the questions, even for the ones you answered correctly. The explanations are a good review of the techniques we discuss throughout the book.

Answers and Explanations

  1. B. Replace the floor-to-ceiling window with a cinder block wall. A sheet of glass contains no encapsulated air and, thus, provides neither insulation nor greater thermal flow. To answer this question, you need to know that good insulators contain trapped air and that glass doesn’t. Thus, replacing the floor-to-ceiling glass walls with a cinder block wall would increase the insulating properties of that wall and reduce the heating costs for the house. The question assumes that this information is general knowledge for someone at this educational level.
  2. C. Wear clothing with thermal padding in the house. Each of the options would ...

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